Rander Reports - reporting solution for Rander

What is "Rander Reports" and why do you need it?

Rander Reports is a reporting solution that can analyze calls data gathered by Rander server.

Rander call log stores the information of all PBX calls controlled by Rander server, i.e. start time, duration , callerid, calledid, replied\lost, internal\external, incoming\outgoing, etc.

Using these data, we can analyze load of internal and external lines of PBX, average and maximum duration of the call for a certain period on all lines or on a specific line, we can estimate the performance and workload of the organization's staff and much more

Rander Reports features:

  • Rander Reports create reports using any of the available templates for user-selected period.
  • Rander Reports can filter data for a report on the following criteria:
    • Call direction (Incoming, Outgoing, All)
    • Call type (Internal, External, All)
    • Answered, Lost, All
    • Type of external call (Local, Mobile, Long distance, International)
    • Taking into account the schedule of the company (working hours, lunch time and weekends)
    • Selecting only desired CO lines
    • Selecting only desired extensions
    • Selecting only desired external customers (specified in a server address book)
  • You can see any report either in tabular or graphical view
  • You can view report in full screen mode
  • You can print out the report on the printer
  • You can save report in any of the available formats (more than 25 file formats available)
  • You can save report and send it by e-mail
  • You can assign names for internal and external lines, which immediately appear in the reports.

Demo version

You can download demo-version of Rander Reports from "Download" page

"Rander Reports" Online Help